Caplan Law Group specializes in these areas of practice:

The Caplan Law Group is here to protect your interests on all types of real estate transactions. We regularly represent individuals and business entities for real estate matters that vary in complexity from residential home purchases to commercial transactions. Rest assured, with a client centered approach, our focus is on detail, service, and communication and we treat each transaction as if it was our only transaction. This style of legal representation has allowed the Caplan Law Group to close tens of thousands of real estate transactions. Please contact us today so we can timely assist with your real estate needs.

The Caplan Law Group is able to assist in all aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship. Our firm regularly drafts and negotiates both commercial and residential leases. When problems do arise, the firm is able to assist as well. The firm represents both individual landlords and some of the largest landlords and management companies in Hampton Roads. When representing a Landlord against a tenant in breach of their lease, this firm understands the urgency and financial necessity to obtain possession of the property on behalf of our clients. We also will attempt to recover the maximum amount of damages on our clients’ behalf.. No client or matter is too big or too small for this law firm. Should a landlord-tenant matter arise or you believe there may be an issue, please contact the Caplan Law Group as soon possible as time may be of the essence.

The attorneys at the Caplan Law Group are experienced in civil litigation, creditor’s rights, and debt collection. Our attorneys, paralegals, and collectors work tirelessly to achieve maximum results for our clients. We assist all types of clients, from individuals who may need to file suit for just one case, to large volume creditors who need assistance collecting on multiple accounts. In many cases, we are able to work on a contingency basis with very little out of pocket costs to the client. Call today to discuss your needs with an attorney.

The business law practice at Caplan Law Group has the collective knowledge, creativity, and trial experience required to assist clients with every aspect of their business law matters. Our attorneys have extensive experience working with clients at each stage of business development, including initial business entity planning and formation, providing advisory services to existing businesses, and representing both large and small companies as they prosecute, defend, and respond to existing or threatened litigation. Caplan Law Group represents businesses and corporate clients in state courts throughout Virginia.

People are injured everyday through the fault of others or due to the failure to keep property safe for guests; however, most people who are injured do not follow up with an attorney to understand their rights. If the individual who caused the injury has insurance, they will typically call and let their insurance carrier know what happened to make sure the facts appear to favor them. The insurance companies will then follow up with the injured and make sure that they record the conversation while asking questions that favor their customer’s assessment of the facts. If you have been injured, make sure you speak to an attorney before giving any statement to the other party’s insurance carrier. The insurance company has an attorney, shouldn’t you?

An owner’s title insurance policy is an important insurance policy that protects the purchaser of a real estate property and ensures that the purchaser is the true owner of the real property, free and clear of adverse liens, encumbrances and third party claims. Institutional lenders and numerous private lenders require a lender’s title insurance policy which guarantees their lien position on the property and protects against adverse liens, encumbrances and third party claims.

At the Caplan Law Group, we recognize that every matter pertaining to your family is both important and not the same as any other legal matter we have handled in the past. We pride ourselves on focusing on the intricacies of your matter to seek the outcome that best suits each family dynamic. Attorneys in the firm provide a range of assistance in family law matters.

An appropriate estate plan is extremely important for both your own peace of mind and for your loved ones. Whether you have a large estate or just a few assets, it is extremely important to sit down with an attorney and discuss how you would like your assets to be distributed. To ensure that your wishes are carried out and that you, your loved ones, and your assets are protected; it is imperative to have a valid last will and testament or other estate planning instrument.

Our firm is here for you during this time of hardship and will protect your rights while making sure that you understand what is occurring procedurally throughout your defense. If you are going through a criminal matter and wish to speak with someone that can assist you, please do not hesitate to contact the Caplan Law Group.